About Us

We are Innovation Seeders

The Singapore FinTech Consortium is FinTech Incubator and acts as FinTech Ecosystem Builder that aims to further the development, interaction and acceleration of the FinTech ecosystem in Singapore and Southeast Asia. We foster synergies among market players, including government bodies, financial institutions, corporates, investors and innovators, who believe that technology can bring added value to the financial industry.

Through our FinTech incubation platform, we offer corporate incubation, research lab and venture acceleration as well as provide access to analytical tools and FinTech related resources.

We believe that FinTech is a crucial infrastructure layer for the Southeast Asia region and for Singapore to maintain and strengthen its leadership in financial services.


To be an effective platform for our partners to engage with multi-stakeholders
to find solutions to implement and promote best FinTech innovation practices
in a collaborative, open and transparent manner.


  • To promote Singapore’s reputation as an International Financial Centre.
  • To be a focal point and sounding board for consultation on relevant
    legislation and regulatory matters.
  • To facilitate timely gathering and sharing of information among partners.


  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Effectiveness
  • Productivity


  • Represent the Financial Services Industry
  • Uphold the Integrity of Partners
  • Build Relationships within the Industry
  • Collaborate with Regional and International Organizations
Advise & Collaborate
Lead generation by creating opportunities for collaboration, recruitment, partnerships.
Represent & Consult
Align and support common interests by coordinating and catalyzing otherwise individual actions.
Inform & Communicate
Developing a connected FinTech ecosystem, channeling effective and relevant information among members and externally.
Foster & Promote
Promote and recognize innovation efforts and achievement of FinTech members, promotion of the Singapore ecosystem and fostering regional and global visibility.
Attract & Accelerate
Attracting companies operating or entering into Singapore and their subsequent integration and acceleration into the FinTech ecosystem.

The Singapore FinTech Consortium aims to promote the development of FinTech in Singapore, we are a partner-led organization aligning interests and supporting initiatives for the benefit of all participants and stakeholders.