28 October, 2015

Partnership with helloPay

We are pleased to announce that we are partners with helloPay.

helloPay provides financial services solutions to its members and entrepreneurs. Currently operating in Singapore and Philippines, the secure payment platform provides an assortment of payment channels for entrepreneurs and their customers.

“The FinTech arm of Lazada Group, helloPay launches Odyssey, a growth and mentoring program for startups in Southeast Asia. It is offered in partnership with Twilio and SurveyMonkey. A first of its kind, the program brings together the experience and expertise of domain leaders in payment, online survey and cloud communications, together on one platform. Odyssey aims to help startups in Southeast Asia scale up and effectively manage their growth challenges.”

Alongside the Consortium, Odyssey has partnered with Incubasia Ventures, Muru-D, InspirAsia, and Startupbootcamp FinTech  to support the startups in their portfolio in Singapore.

Read more about the partnership Here.

We look forward to a great partnership with helloPay!

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27 October, 2015

Interview with Coin News Asia

In the second part of our interview from Coin News Asia with our Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Gerben Visser on  The FinTech industry and the drivers of FinTech in Singpoare.

“Based on the Global Financial Centres Index, Singapore is ranked the 4th largest financial center in the world, and is also ranked in 1st place on the World Economic Forum Global Information Technology Report 2015. This confluence of financial maturity and technological readiness is critical for the acceleration of the FinTech industry, and naturally points to Singapore as a FinTech Hub.”

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22 October, 2015

Partnership with FinTech News Singapore

We are pleased to announce that we are partners with FinTech News Singapore.

FinTech News Singapore supports the development of FinTech in Singapore and South East Asia, it dedicates itself to covering latest updates. This includes latest FinTech developments, trends, news, and updates on FinTech in Singapore and South East Asia.

We look forward to a great partnership with FinTech News Singapore!


22 October, 2015

Interview with Coin News Asia

As part of our partnership, the consortium conducted an exclusive interview with Coin News Asia. In this interview, we discussed about the developments and advancements of the FinTech industry as well as the acceleration of FinTech.

“For FinTech to accelerate, certain key ingredients must be in place, and I would argue that a certain degree of financial maturity and technological availability are critical. Looking at the various FinTech hubs across the globe, there is a pattern of greater intensity of FinTech activities in places where finance and technology meet. As we apply this lens on the APAC region, there are very obvious places where these conditions are met and FinTech is booming. These hubs then serve as a point of reference and influence on other developing economies, which serves to drive FinTech growth in Asia Pacific as well.”

Keep a look out for the continuation of this interview. Read more about the interview here.



16 October, 2015

Partnership with Coin News Asia

We are pleased to announce that we are partners with Coin News Asia.

Focusing on the Asian cryptocurrency ecosystem, Coin News Asia provides news, information and prices on bitcoin and other digital currencies. Covering news, analysis on trends and latest developments to writing reviews on cryptocurrency services. They believe in the potential of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as innovation tools to help people, finance and the digital world.

We look forward to a great partnership with Coin News Asia!


15 October, 2015

Partnership with CrowdFunding Asia

We are pleased to announce that we are partners with CrowdFunding Asia.

Asia’s first-and-only Crowdfunding summit, Crowdfunding Asia is a platform for connection and collaboration, allowing startups to secure funding. It provides networking opportunities, latest innovation trends in crowdfunding. Pitching and company showcasing opportunities to international delegates, potential investors and customers.

We look forward to a great partnership with CrowdFunding Asia!


5 October, 2015

Presenter & Panel Speaker for FinTech IT Leadership – Transforming & Modernizing Systems

We are pleased to announce that our Co-Founder/Managing Partner, Gerben Visser , will be presenting on”Emerging Trends within Financial Institutions” and will be part of the panel on IT readiness to help their business with innovation and transformation initiatives for the FinTech IT Leadership – Transforming & Modernizing Systems.

“This session brings veterans from financial industry sharing their thought on how the financial institution industry is changing and how and what IT leaders must do to stay business relevant.We will hear transformational views and strategies from these companies on how they tackle with innovation and ground-level transformation.”

FinTech IT Leadership – Transforming & Modernizing Systems is organised by CIO Academy Asia, and it will be held on the 7th October 2015.

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5 OCTOBER, 2015

Press Coverage: Singapore Business Review

We are delighted to be covered by Krisana Gallezo – Estaura from Singapore Business Review, with our Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Gerben Visser on challenges and opportunities brought by FinTech in the banking industry.

“In our opinion, these emerging FinTech innovations and developments, should not be treated by the Banks as a threat, or approached in reactively manner with a defensive persepective. But rather perceived as an multitute of opportunities to address some of the bankings’ core challenges and by act proactively the Banks should be able to capture untapped or underserved customer segments, launch more elegant online & mobile products and services and migrate legacy IT systems to more cost effective and flexible processing platforms. ”

See more here.

Singapore Business Review 2

2 October, 2015

Appointment of Advisor; Dr Ryan Clarke

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Ryan Clarke as an Advisor to The Singapore FinTech Consortium.

Dr. Ryan Clarke previously held leadership positions in the investment banking industry as the Asia and Middle Eastern Head of Data Intelligence and Analytics at both Barclays Capital and Deutsche Bank. Throughout his investment banking career, he lead multiple successful initiatives around new innovative methods for multi-domain data acquisition, analysis, visualization, and applications for a range of private as well as public sector clients.

Prior to investment banking, his policy think tank career spanned the East Asian Institute (Singapore), the Institute for Defense Studies And Analyses (New Delhi), and the Royal United Services Institute (London). He also served in several emergency response units in the United States, including with the US Marshals in the Las Vegas field office. 

He holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge where he was awarded the Salje Medal for the most innovative and diversified research. He is a Singaporean Permanent Resident and speaks several Asian languages (Hindi, Urdu, Bahasa, and Mandarin Chinese). 

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25 September, 2015

Partnership with FinTech México

We are pleased to announce that we are partners with FinTech Mexico.

Similar to the Consortium, FinTech Mexico aims to create an conducive environment to promote the development of the FinTech ecosystem. They seek to bring together FinTech companies to strengthen the industry in Mexico and Latin America. FinTech Mexico envisions itself to be the leader of FinTech development in Latin America. They plan to encourage innovation within the country and uptake of new technologies in other sector.

We look forward to a great partnership with FinTech Mexico!

FinTech Mexico